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About BodyGreat.ca

BodyGreat.ca is a website that connects men and women with top rated local professionals in the Healthcare and Beauty Products, and Service Industry. We also help educate both health and beauty customers and trade professionals about the great products and supplies available through the leading industry manufacturers and retailers. Our service is quickly becoming available to online users in major cities across Ontario Canada.


We are firm believers that great health and beauty is the result of a partnership between a man or a women and their personal care professional. This partnership is based on mutual trust and respect. It begins by the professionals analyzing each individuals needs then properly and cost effectively fulfill those needs. It is maintained through constant communication with the client. It is strengthened by attention to detail. We recognize that satisfied clients are the key to any health and beauty company's success.

BodyGreat.ca helps establish Client / Health and Beauty Business partnerships!



Our Mission

To connect health care and beauty Ownerswith the highest level of quality health and beauty services at fair and market competitive prices.

To help the the longevity of LOCAL health and beauty retailers and service providers through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our Users, sponsors, Staff, Partners, and Advertising Customers.


To Become the "Ultimate" Local Healthcare and Beauty Guide that men and women in every major city in Ontario can count on.




Our Business Model

How many health and beauty service providers are not in fact professionals?
How many men and women have suffered financially and emotionally?

How many men and women have mistakenly hired the wrong care provider?

Our business model is to provide our users with a helpful filter system, where every featured business on our site, individually and collectively, dedicate themselves to providing our users (men and women alike) with exceptional products, extraordinary service, and professional integrity. and we do this through the involvement of the right team of professionals inside our office and out.


Driven by Health and Beauty Specialists

Driven by Manufacturers

Driven by Suppliers

Driven by Consumers

What We Offer

BodyGreat.ca helps establish the connection and partnership of men and women and Local Professional Health and Beauty Products and Service Experts.

We support the industry's products and supplies by educating both men and women and service providers about the many great products available on the market today to assist consumers make the right choices.

BodyGreat.ca helps men and women and health and beauty professionals be in touch with the the great product innovations by the industries leading manufactures. BodyGreat.ca showcases the latest and greatest products that help simplify health care and beauty maintenance processes.

BodyGreat.ca helps men and women and health and beauty professionals be informed of the many great products made available in the retail market through authorized distributors and retailers. BodyGreat.ca features knowledgable retailers that help simplify the consumers selection and purchasing process.

BodyGreat.ca helps men and women and health and beauty professionals alike, The men and women benefit from using the right health and beauty professionals, and the health and beauty professional benefit from satisfied clients and the referrals they bring..

Our Team

  • Each City is independently operated by a regional management agency under exclusive licensing with bodygreat.ca. Our mission is to bring the best health and beauty care and support to each and every user and advertiser in each respective community we serve.

    We value our Management Teams. Through combined innovation and initiative we seek to retain only the most talented, responsible, and mature individuals dedicated to resource the right trade professionals to help maintain hi quality services to every health care and beauty owner that uses our website.

We're Recruiting!

We strive to team up with the best representative staff in North America to locate the best professional health and beauty businesses in each community and help support their skilled trades by introducing these real professionals to men and women. Wouldn't you feel great to be rewarded financially and emotionally for helping others in the community thrive. If you're a seasoned professional sales representative, we have an offer for you to join our team.

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